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The IMRA curriculum is designed for all surgeons commencing robotic surgery. Participants move through the various courses and education components, beginning with Foundations of Robotic Surgery, and proceeding to simulation and VR education, followed by 3D narrated robotic surgery video instruction. IMRA provides advanced simulation devices and anatomically correct synthetic organs, trainees can now develop high skill levels and train for a wide range of routine and demanding emergency situations all prior to commencing live robotic surgery.


Robotic Surgery Courses

Course Vision

Course Vision

The proportion of surgeries completed with robot assistance continues to grow in Australia. However, most Australian surgical trainees have limited hands-on experience with robotic surgery systems. There is a need to improve access to these systems and increase trainee competency prior to performing live robotic surgery on patients. Our courses at IMRA have created learning opportunities outside of the operating room and are becoming a recommended method for developing new surgical skills. 

Education Partnerships

Education Partnerships

Foundations of Robotic Surgery (FoRS) activity has been approved in the RACS CPD Program. There are RACS Fellows, Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) and surgeons that are participating in the RACS CPD. IMRA also works closely with Hospitals and Universities to accredit their curriculum to meet the requirements of these training bodies. This program can claim one point per hour in Educational Activities, and qualifies for 10 Points in Educational Activities. Participation in this activity will be entered into your RACS CPD which can be accessed through ehub. 

International Medical Robotics Academy

The International Medical Robotics Academy (IMRA) is a centre of excellence that embraces new technology, adapts to the changing education needs of modern surgeons, and delivers robotic surgical training. Our education method progresses surgeons through a linear robotic surgical training curriculum using online education, virtual reality, 3D video, simulators, and advanced synthetic organ models.


Online (LMS) / Lectures and videos / Assessments


DaVinci SimNow & Mimic / Psychomotor skills / Stereoscopic video & VR

Robots & Models

DaVinci Xi Robot, Medtronic Hugo Robot, Cambridge Medical Robotics Versius Robot - Advanced synthetic organ procedural models Pindari Torso Training Models: Female, Male and Paediatric

Live Surgery

Surgical robot (OR) Human procedures / Continuous education with cloud-based video review / Masterclasses

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